Coaching for Performance - Managing Performance Concerns 

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Led by: Meghan Proctor

Elizabeth Demeritt House Conference Room
Tue., November 21, 2017, 9:00am-11:00am

Managing Performance Concerns:

Who should attend? 

Supervisors and Managers who supervise the work of others and have attended both the Coaching Overview and the Effective Messaging modules.

This session provides guidance in addressing job performance concerns ranging from minor incidents to very serious situations. Building off the skills of effective messaging and good timing of feedback, the steps of progressive discipline are discussed, tools are provided for analyzing situations before taking action, and legal and compliance parameters are reviewed in the context of specific situations. Participants are encouraged to share challenges they have experienced to the degree that confidentiality permits.

Please note that only staff from departments which have done a rollout of Coaching for Performance should sign up for these trainings. 

Suggested Prerequisite: Coaching for Performance Coach/Coachee Coaching for Performance Effective Messaging