Discover YOUR UNH 

This session has passed.
Holloway Commons Dining Hall - Den (2nd Floor)
Tue., August 15, 2017, 11:30am-2:00pm

Please see the HR greeter at the checker stand inside Holloway Commons Dining Hall.  Program begins promptly at 10:30am, followed by lunch at 11:45am.

IMPORTANT:  This session is scheduled by Human Resources ONLY - if you need to change your assigned date, please contact

New hire orientation for staff and faculty* includes two short sessions – the first as close to day one of employment in a benefitted role as possible and the second approximately one month later. 

Session 2: Discover YOUR UNH – held monthly on a Tuesday in Holloway Commons Dining Hall (2nd Floor): 10:30am -12:45pm.  Lunch is provided, plus a number of key individuals will present information to help expand your knowledge of UNH, our culture and brand, and to increase awareness of the opportunities and responsibilities that come with joining our community.

Notification of your scheduled program date was sent via email to you and your supervisor.  The program agenda, resources location and related information can be viewed at:  

*for faculty hired after the start of the academic year and who did not attend the New Faculty Orientation program held by the Provost's Office in August each year.

If you have questions, feedback or need further information, please contact us at